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Notice: Liupanshan Forum 2024 (First Round Notice)

Author:   Date: Apr 26, 2024  Times:

In order to promote the innovative development of new energy materials and nanomaterials, and strengthen the integration of AI and new materials, the "Liupanshan Forum 2024", sponsored by Ningxia Normal University, undertaken by Ningxia Key Laboratory of Green Catalytic Materials and Technology, and co-organized by the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Peking University and the College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering of Peking University, is scheduled to be held in Guyuan, Ningxia, an important silk road town, from August 10 to 14, 2024. The conference exchange will be conducted in the form of plenary talk, keynote talk, oral talk, and posters. The organizing committee sincerely invites experts and scholars from both domestic and foreign fields to participate in the grand event.

1.Conference theme

The theme of this conference is "Advanced Energy and Nanomaterials", to exchange the latest research achievements and cutting-edge progress in the fields of energy, catalysis, nanomaterials, assembly, and "AI+" new materials, and promote interdisciplinary integration.

2.Conference content

2.1.Plenary talk, inviting academicians/international experts to look forward to the forefront and progress of international new materials science.

2.2.Innovation Materials Forum:

A.Energy Materials Chemistry Forum

B.Green Catalytic Chemistry Forum

C. Forum on Nanomaterials and Devices

D. Forum on Soft Matter and Supramolecular Materials.

2.3. Poster communication

2.4. Development and Exchange of the Silk Road

3. Conference schedule

Registration on August 10, 2024.

Conference on August 11-13, 2024.

Departure on August 14, 2024.

4. Submission requirements

4.1. This conference will receive detailed abstracts of original papers. The submission requirements include highlighting innovation, concise writing, and being closely related to the conference theme. The template can be downloaded from the official website of the conference(

4.2. The abstract of the paper will be submitted through the conference's official website; Please name the file in the format of "Subject Direction (ABCD) - Reporter Name - Institution" when submitting.

4.3. The poster PPT/TIFF is named "Poster - Subject Direction (ABCD) - Name - Institution " and sent via email to the official email

The direction for soliciting abstracts and posters is:

TopicA: The Energy Materials Chemistry

BranchChairman: ShuhongJiao

TopicB: Green Catalytic Chemistry


TopicC: Nanomaterials and Devices Branch

BranchChairman: HailinPeng

TopicD: Soft Matter and Supramolecular Materials

BranchChairman: Feng Shi

4.4. The size of the poster is 90 cm (width) * 120 cm (height). The conference will print posters uniformly, and the best poster award will be selected at the end of the conference. The award certificate will be signed by the academician/expert.

(5) The deadline for submitting the abstract of the paper is 17:00 on July 10 Beijing time.

5. Registration for attendance

This conference adopts online registration method and provides discounts for those who pay the registration fee in advance. Attendees need to log in to the official website of the conference( Register on your own and complete invoices and other related information.

5.1. The deadline for submitting papers and applying for payment discounts is July 10, 2024 Beijing time.

5.2. The deadline for online registration is July 21, 2024 Beijing time.

5.3. For more conference notices, please search and follow the official account of"Ningxia Normal University","Peking University Chemistry"and" School of Materials Science and Engineering of Peking University".

6.Organizational structure

Organizer:Ningxia Normal University

Undertaking unit:Ningxia Green Catalytic Materials and Key Laboratory of Technology

Co organizers:School of Materials Science and Engineering, Peking University; Collegeof Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, Peking University

The President of the Conference

Jin Zhang

Executive Chairman of the Conference

Shiwei Liu Yun Yan

Secretary General of the General Assembly

ZhiqiangWu Zhan’ao Tan

organizing committee Chairman:ShiweiLiu YunYan

Members (sorted by surname Alphabet ):

Jiya Ding, Shuitao Gao, Shuhong Jiao, Haichao Liu, Cheng Ma, Hailin Peng, Liu Qian, Feng Shi, Zhan’ao Tan, Haibin Wang, Zhiqiang Wu, Xiaoxu Zhao

7.Contact information

Meeting contact person:

Conference Affairs- Ningxia Normal University: Zhiqiang Wu, 18295592827, same WeChat account

Conference Affairs - Peking University: Shuitao Gao, 18801307925, same WeChat account

Meeting venue:Huaqi Earl Hotel, Yuanzhou District, Guyuan City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region

Front desk phone number:0954-2688888

Hotel address:Southwest side of the intersection of Beijing Road and Xueyuan Road, Yuanzhou District, Guyuan City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region