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1.Project Introduction

To encourage outstanding international students and researchers in science and engineering fields to conducts cientific research at Peking University (PKU), PKU is excited to launch the“PKU International Summer Lab Project”. The project aims to provide a first-class platform for PKU professors and international students and researchers in science and engineering disciplines to work together for short-term scientific research at PKU during the summer, facilitating international academic and scientific exchanges.

Courses will not be taken nor credits earned. Application and tuition fees will be exempted.

2.Application Eligibility

2.1 Non-Chinese citizen with a valid foreign passport, aged 18-45 years old.

2.2 Enrolled as an undergraduate/graduate student, working as a postdoctoral fellow, or full-time scientific researcher at universities outside of china.

2.3 Possessing sound physical and mental health, competitive academic performances, and reasonable moral judgement.

2.4 Complying with the relevant provisions of the Nationality Law of the People’s Republic of China with no criminal record, possessing a friendly attitude towards China.

3.Application Procedure

3.1 Reach out of a potential PKU professor

3.1.1 Applicants may search the official website, ( get in touch with the professor of attraction, to whom student shall submit a preliminary research application.

3.1.2 Application materials are: one curriculum vitae, in which basic personal information, i.e. name, age, nationality, education and working background etc. Shall be included, one overall Research Plan written in Chinese or English (500-1,000 words).

3.1.3 The School of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) will conduct a preliminary review of the qualifications, personal and academic background of the applicant.

3.2 Complete online application

3.2.1 Applicantswho pass the preliminary review will move on to finish online application on the Peking University International Students Online Application System (website:

3.2.2 Locate the program by using the program code: Science & Research Program, and fill in the application form truthfully and carefully.

3.3 Deliver application materials to the professor

Materials should include:

(1)Online application form with handwritten signature.

(2)Proof of the highest academic degree attained or Certificate of Enrollment at current University, official academic transcripts in Chinese or English (original or notarized copies).

(3)Two hand-signed recommendation letters from two associate professors (or with equivalent titles)writtenin Chinese or English.

(4)Research planwritten in Chinese or English (500-1000 words).

(5)Curriculum vitae.

(6)Proof of Chinese language proficiency (if relevant).

(7)Photocopy of thepassportIDPage,ordinary passport within the validity period.

3.4 Final review by the University

Applicants will be final reviewed on their application,and those who pass will be admitted with formal admission documents issued.


Application to professor: March - April every year.

Online application: April 1-30 every year.

Latest date for application materials to arrive: May 15 every year.

Final result released: late May to early June every year.

On-campus period: Every summer which is subject to the information on the Admission Notice.


Admitted students should proceed to the Chinese Embassy Consulates to apply for avalid X2 visa as per the enrollment period at PKU.


Official PKU campus card, and campus infrastructure such as the canteen and campus network are available. Accommodation will be endeavored to be secured but not guaranteed.


Address: International Students Division, 3rd Floor, New Sun Student Center, Peking University, Yiheyuan Road No.5, Haidian District, Beijing, 100871, China.,