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School of Materials Science and Engineering, Peking University Holds Development Conference for its Third Anniversary and Oriental Yuhong Donation Ceremony

Author:   Date: Nov 1, 2023  Times:

On September 23rd, the Development Conference for the Third Anniversary of the School of Materials Science and Engineering, Peking University,and the Oriental Yuhong Donation Ceremony were held at the Friends of Beida Auditorium of the Peking University Education Foundation.

Prof Zhang Jin, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, member of the Standing Committee and vice president of Peking University and the Chancellor of PKUSZ;Wang Zhonglin, foreign Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, director of the Beijing Institute of Nanoenergy and Nanosystems, Chinese Academy of Sciences, president of the School of Nanoscience and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Xu Limin, president of Beijing Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd. (Oriental Yuhong); Xiang Jinming, vice chairman and of executive president Oriental Yuhong; Song Jianrong, director of the State Key Laboratory of Special Functional Waterproof Materials of Oriental Yuhong; Chen Xing, dean of the Collegeof Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, Peking University; Liao Qingliang, dean of the School of Materials Science and Engineering of University of Science and Technology Beijing; Gong Yongji, vice dean of the School of Materials Science and Engineering, Beihang University; and Geng Shu, deputy secretary general of the Beijing University Education Foundation attended the conference. All teachers and student representatives from the School of Materials Science and Engineering (SMSE), Peking University,participated inthe meeting. The conference was presided over by Li Ming, Secretary of the CPC School of Materials Science and Engineering Committee.

The Conference.

At the beginning, a video displayed the achievements of SMSE over the past three years. SMSE has always focused on the frontier of discipline development, responded tonational needs, implemented a series of measures in discipline construction and development, scientific research and innovation achievements, talent training concept, etc., made remarkable progress, and demonstrated a good development trend of materials science of Peking University to the society.

On behalf of Peking University,ProfZhang Jin expressed heartfelt thanks to Oriental Yuhong for its generous donation and extended warm congratulationsonthe third anniversary of SMSE. He briefly reviewed the development history of SMSE and pointed out that SMSE’s development is becoming more and more mature and stable. In the next step, SMSE should always take the new engineering concept as its guide, practice the important mission of talent training, give full play to the interdisciplinary advantages, strengthen industry-university research cooperation, and better serve the national needs and economic and social development. In addition, he expressed his belief that with the full support of Oriental Yuhong and the society, SMSE will achieve more fruitful results and make new and greater contributions to promoting the development of materials science and realizing the self-reliance and self-improvement of high-level science and technology in China.

Prof Zhang Jin is deliveringaspeech.

Zouruqiang introduced the achievements of SMSE in talent training, teaching staff organization, discipline construction, scientific research and the transformation of industry, University and research in the past three years, and introduced their preparation of research institutes and platforms for national needs. He said that SMSEwouldactively respond to the national call and the requirements of PKU, aim at the cutting-edge fields of the material discipline, continue to tackle difficulties, give full play to the interdisciplinary advantages, cultivate high-level innovative talents, deepen the close cooperation among universities, scientific research institutions and enterprises, promote the integrated development of the innovation chain and the industrial chain, and make greater contributions to the self-reliance and self-improvement of high-level science and technology.

Prof Zou Ruqiang is makingareport.

On the occasion of the third anniversary of SMSE, Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd. donated funds to support the development of materials science at Peking University. Xu Limin said that Oriental Yuhong takes “creating a lasting,safe environment for mankind and society” as its mission and hopes to become an important driving force for the development of China. Donating to schools, supporting discipline construction, and cultivating excellent innovative talents are great measures for now andin thefuture. It is also the responsibility of Oriental Yuhong. The academic style and spirit of Peking University and the enterprise spirit of Oriental Yuhong have many similarities. This donation is only the beginning. He expressed his hope that in the future, the two sides can work together to develop new materials urgently needed by the country, overcome more nodus technologies, accelerate the construction of world-class universities and national first-class enterprises, and practice the plan of building a strongnationthrough science and technology.

Xu Limin is delivering a speech.

Amid warm applause from the audience, Xiang Jinming, Zou Ruqiang and Geng Shu jointly signed the donation agreement. Relevant leaders and teacher representatives witnessed the signing and took a group photo.

Signing the agreement.

In order to commend teachers who have made important contributions to the construction and development of materials disciplines at Peking University, SMSE established the Outstanding Contribution Award. Academician Wang Zhonglin, Professor Xia Dingguo, Professor Hou Yanglong, Professor Cao Anyuan, and Professor Zhang Yanfeng, as representatives, accepted the commendation. Student representatives presented flowers to express thanks.

Presenting flowers

To learn from advanced experience and promote the development of materials disciplines, the conference specially arranged discipline construction reportshosted by Professor Xia Dingguo. Wang Zhonglin made a report with the title of “Cultivation of a scientific tree from ‘0-1’” and introduced his original research and technical achievements in the field of nanotechnology,combining his own scientific research experience, typical scientific cases and professional theoretical knowledge. He encouraged everyone to have a persistent spirit of not being afraid of others’ doubts and bravely pursuing the truth in scientific research. Chen Xing introduced the important measures and development status of the College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering at Peking University in terms of discipline construction, team building, scientific research, and talent training with the title of “Peking University Chemistry Discipline Construction”. Gong Yongji introduced the construction of the materials discipline of Beihang Universityand shared his experience in the construction of the materials discipline,focusing on the overview of the discipline, landmark achievements, and recent construction content and results.

Speech given by ProfWang Zhonglin,Chen Xing,Gong Yongji, andXia Dingguo.

In the future, SMSE will benchmark against the “main goal of the country, plan the next development goals and paths, consciously serve the major plans and practical needs of the party and the country, solidly promote the construction of a world-class materials discipline with Peking University characteristics, strive to cultivate high-level innovative talents, continuously improve their original innovation capabilities and cross-innovation capabilities, and contribute to achieving high-level scientific and technological self-reliance and building a world's scientific and technical power.

Group Photo after the Donation Ceremony.